Personal insurance

Voluntary health insurance

The voluntary health insurance involves indemnity to the Insured meaning reimbursement for costs associated with the medical assistance and health care to the extent provided by the insurance contract.

Voluntary accidents insurance

The voluntary accidents insurance involves indemnity due to the appearance of damage to life and health of the insured as a result of an accident (in the contract of insurance, accident means a sudden, short-term event (incident) that has occurred as a result of external mechanical, electrical, chemical or thermal effects on the body of the […]

Rules of voluntary insurance against medical and/or medical-transportation expenses of persons traveling abroad

Under an insurance agreement the Insurer shall for a fee stipulated by an agreement and paid directly by the Insured, upon occurrence of an event stipulated by an agreement (insured event) undertake to cover through its representative (service company) the expenses for providing the Insure with medical, medical- transportation and other services stipulated by an […]