Property insurance

Auto VIP insurance

The object and subject of insurance

The insurance under these Rules shall cover the property interests of an Insured related to unforeseen expenses and loss due to occurrence of insurance event as a result of possession, use and disposal of an insured vehicle.

A vehicle owned by an Insured on the right of ownership or on other grounds shall be the insurance subject matter, which is driven by internal combustion engine (including mopeds, motorcycles, any tractors and self-propelled machines) as well as trailers, semi-trailers, registered with traffic police or other relevant authorities.

Insurance Agreement shall be concluded with persons who have reached the age of:

  • in respect of motorized motor vehicles – at least 16 years of age;
  • in respect of other types of motor vehicles – not younger than 18 years of age.

The following vehicles shall not be accepted for insurance:

  • technically defective, disassembled;
  • older than 5 years for foreign-made vehicles and older than 10 years for vehicles manufactured in the CIS and PRC;
  • older than 3 years and/or with a mileage of more than 100,000 (one hundred thousand) kilometers in case when Insurance Agreement provides for insurance payment on the account of a specialized service station.

Vehicles imported into the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in violation of the applicable customs rules and regulations or listed in the information databases of the relevant authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Interpol as previously stolen shall not be subject to insurance. Under Insurance Agreement concluded in violation of the mentioned above rule, an Insurer shall not bear any obligations, including obligations on insurance payments.

Виды страхования

Insurance amount and premium

In accordance with the terms and conditions of this Program, the insurance amount under Insurance Agreement is determined at KZT 750,000 (seven hundred fifty thousand tenge).

Insurance premium is determined in the amount of KZT 30,000 (thirty thousand tenge). It shall be paid by Insured as a lump sum in cash or by non-cash transfer within 2 (two) days after signing of Insurance Agreement.

Insurance event

In accordance with this Program, an insurance event shall be deemed to be loss, damage or destruction of insured vehicle as a result of:

  • traffic accident;
  • fire, explosion;
  • natural disasters, lightning strike;
  • damage to windows and optics of insured vehicle due to stones falling from under a moving vehicle, unless otherwise agreed in Insurance Agreement;
  • falling of various objects on insured vehicle, namely: snow, ice, branches and trees, parts of buildings/structures, objects thrown out of windows or other openings of buildings;
  • collision (impact) outside roadway on stationary or moving objects (buildings, structures, obstacles, fences, animals, trees etc.);
  • flooding or other damage to vehicle as a result of accidents of engineering communications, networks (underground, above-ground, air etc.).

An event shall be recognized as an insurance event if loss, damage or destruction of insured motor vehicle has occurred during the period of validity of Insurance Agreement and within the agreed insurance territory.

Under the terms and conditions of this Program, it is not obligatory for representatives of relevant authorities (Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Emergency Situations etc.) to be present at the place of accident. At the same time, description of place of accident and damages of insured vehicle shall be obligatory made by Insurer’s representative.

Arrival of Insurer’s representative to place of accident shall not release participants of accident from undergoing medical examination for alcohol, narcotic substances.

Insurance rates