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Commission fee limits

Limits of minimum and maximum commission fees by classes (types) of insurance

                                                            Table of agency fee by classes of insurance
Insurance classAgency fee (in percent from insurance premium amount, %)
                                                                            COMPULSORY INSURANCE
1.1civil-legal liability of vehicle owners0.0070.00
1.2civil-legal liability of carrier to passengers0.0040.00
1.3insurance of civil-legal liability of private notaries0.0040.00
1.4environmental insurance0.000.00
1.5insurance of civil-legal liability of owners of facilities, the activity of which is related to danger of causing harm to the third parties0.000.00
                                                                      VOLUNTARY PERSONAL INSURANCE
2.1insurance from accidents0.0040.00
2.2health insurance0.0055.00
                                                                      VOLUNTARY PROPERTY INSURANCE
3.1motor vehicle insurance0.0050.00
3.2railway transport insurance0.0030.00
3.3air transport insurance0.0030.00
3.4water transport insurance0.0030.00
3.5space objects insurance0.000.00
3.6cargo insurance0.0040.00

voluntary insurance of property against damage, with the exception of the classes specified in subparagraphs 3)-7) of paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the Law on Insurance Activities

3.8insurance of civil-legal liability of vehicle owners0.0040.00
3.9insurance of civil-legal liability of air transport owners0.0030.00
3.10insurance of civil-legal liability of water transport owners0.0030.00
3.11insurance of civil-legal liability of space objects owners0.000.00
3.12professional liability insurance0.0040.00

Voluntary insurance of civil liability, with the exception of the classes specified in subparagraphs 9), 10), 11), 11-1) and 11-2) of paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the Insurance Law

3.14insurance from other financial loss0.0030.00

voluntary title insurance