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Voluntary accidents insurance

The voluntary accidents insurance involves indemnity due to the appearance of damage to life and health of the insured as a result of an accident (in the contract of insurance, accident means a sudden, short-term event (incident) that has occurred as a result of external mechanical, electrical, chemical or thermal effects on the body of the Insured, causing harm, bodily injury or death, against man’s will.

Виды страхования

Insurance risks

  • total or partial loss of the Insured’s total disability from trauma (injury to persons under the age of 16);
  • death of the Insured as a result of the accident.

Insurance amount

Insurance amount — a sum insured to be paid to an insurance object, being the maximum amount of liability of the Insurer upon occurrence of the insurance event, which is set by agreement of the Parties.

Insurance premium

The premium is set by agreement of the Parties depending on the assumed insurance risks, the insurance amount, occupation or profession, and age of the Insured (Policy holder), working conditions.

Table of voluntary accidents insurance tariff rates

Name of risk group (type)Minimum rate, %Base rate, %Maximum rate, %
Full risk package0,1651,0215,3
Permanent or temporary disability of the insured due to accident0,1490,91813,77
Death of the insured due to accident0,0160,1021,53

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