Voluntary motor vehicle insurance

The voluntary motor vehicle insurance involves indemnity to the Insured (Beneficiary) for damage or destruction, theft, stealage of a vehicle and / or additional equipment installed on it resulting from the event insured (risk insured) specified by the contract.

Insurance risks:

  1. theft (stealage);
  2. road accident;
  3. fire, explosion;
  4. acts of God, lightning;
  5. damage to glass and optics;
  6. items dropped onto motor vehicles;
  7. running (shock) on stationary and moving objects;
  8. flooding;
  9. illegal actions of third parties.

Insured sum

The insured sum is agreed in the contract of insurance by the Parties, but cannot be higher than the actual value of the vehicle at the date of the contract of insurance.

Insurance premium

The insurance premium is determined based on the size of insured sum and tariff rates. The insurance premium depends on the technical condition of the object of insurance, insurance risks and number of persons eligible for driving the motor vehicle in question.

Voluntary motor vehicle insurance tariff rates

Name Minimum rate, % Base rate, % Maximum rate, %
Motor vehicle insurance (full package) 0,76 2,12 15,93
Theft (stealage) 0,046 0,127 0,956
Road accident 0,268 0,744 5,577
Fire, explosion 0,061 0,170 1,275
Acts of God, lightning 0,061 0,170 1,275
Damage to glass and optics 0,054 0,149 1,115
Items dropped onto motor vehicle 0,069 0,191 1,434
Running (shock) on stationary and moving objects 0,069 0,191 1,434
Flooding 0,069 0,191 1,434
Acts of third parties 0,069 0,191 1,434


Insurance contract specifies a deductible, which type and amount are determined by the agreement between the Parties. The deductible is set either a percentage of the insured sum, or in absolute terms.