Voluntary railway transport insurance

The voluntary railway transport insurance involves indemnity to the Insured (Beneficiary) for damage, loss, theft of railway transport as a result of the occurrence of the insured event (risk).

Insurance risks:

  1. Damage (loss) of railway transport occurring for the following reasons of accidental and probabilistic nature:
    1. violation of rules, requirements and other regulations of safety in train and shunting work due to:
      • crash;
      • accident;
      • collision;
      • coming-off;
    2. explosion, fire
    3. acts of third parties, including vandalism, burglary, robbery, etc.;
    4. natural disasters (flood, storm, hail, hurricane, rainfall, frost and heavy snowfall, avalanche, landslide, mudflow, lightning, earthquake and other natural phenomena unusual for the area of operation of railway transport).
  2. Theft of railway transport or its individual design elements committed as a stealage, pillage or plunder followed by bringing a criminal case.

Insured sum

Insurance contract specifies the insured sumt at the rate determined by the agreement between Insured and Insurer. The insured sum shall not exceed the insured value of railway transport.

Insurance premium

The insurance premium is determined based on the size of insured sum and tariff rates. The insurance premium depends on the the period of insurance, deductibles and features of the insured property interest.

Risks Base rate (%) Minimum rate (%) Maximum rate (%)
Full package 0,046 0,24 2,4
Crash, accident, collision, coming-off 0,021 0,107 1,072
Explosion, fire 0,009 0,048 0,477
Acts of third parties 0,005 0,024 0,238
Natural disasters 0,002 0,012 0,119

Tariff weight distribution between risks

Risks Part
Crash, accident, collision, coming-off 45%
Collapse /destruction of bridges, tunnels 10%
Explosion, fire 20%
Natural disasters 5%
Acts of third parties 10%
Theft, robbery 10%
Full coverage 100%


Insurance contract specifies a deductible, which type and amount are determined by the agreement between the Parties, and set either a percentage of the insured sum, or in absolute terms. If more than one insured event occurs, deductible is deducted from each of them.